Speaking and Tech Talks

One of the things I've come to enjoy the most is sharing my thoughts, opinions and fascinations of technology with others. I enjoy speaking to large audiences, particularly those who haven't delved into Cyber Security in the past and are keen to learn. Previous talks have been described as fascinating, funny, engaging and inspiring.

Past topics have revolved around:

  • Modern Security Best Practices
  • Cloud and IoT (Benefits and Risks)
  • Journeying into Cyber Security
  • Apprenticeships and Recruitment

Audiences have included:

  • CEO/CTO/CFO's of FTSE100 Companies, every other day.
  • The UK Army
  • Hundreds of Apprentices and Graduates

Based in the Ipswich area, but always enjoy travelling.

I'm delighted to have people come see me afterwards to give feedback like:

You literally blew my mind.
How do you sleep at night?
You obviously really enjoy this, it comes across so clearly.
My son can relate to your story in so many ways. He isn't sure of what he wants to do, but now you've given him some direction. Thank you so much.

If interested, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn, both of which are at the top of this page.