How to Resize KDE Plasma 5 Window Buttons

After updating to Fedora 26 from 25, the window title-bars in KDE Plasma 5 were scaled up way beyond what they should be for me. Took a minute to find out what to do since the option to resize these button is very hidden away. Theme-dependant too! The fix: Navigate: System Settings -> Application Style -> Window Decorations Click one of the themes context menu icon Navigate: Window Specific Overrides [Read More]

Free LAN Playstation Gaming over the Internet, without PSN

It is possible, though I haven't the willpower to break down every element of the process into the finest detail. I anticipate that if you're that desperate for free gaming with your friends whilst avoiding paying Sony; you'll do your research. There is some semi-advanced networking used. I only explain the methodology here, not the specific implementation. Each person needs: A Raspberry Pi (with two network interfaces, so Wired/Wireless, [Read More]

Android Marshmallow not re-connecting to ActiveSync/Exchange

Looks like the prepackaged 'Exchange' service running on Android Marshmallow can't deal with being disconnected from the service for too long... If it is, it appears to crash and forget how to sync. It will perpetually say 'Last Sync at:' with the time it was last able to get data. Even after you've fixed the outage it still won't reconnect. You have to manually remove the account under Settings-> [Read More]

Apparent fix for dropped packets on Scaleway Amsterdam

I had a few days of problems with Nextcloud, OpenVPN and even SSH applications crashing out complaining about HMAC/MAC errors. These are the message digests which are sent between the two hosts that provide verification of packet integrity. To help Google lead you here, the exact error for OpenVPN on the client side was: Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: packet HMAC authentication failed After spending hours trying to figure out [Read More]

How to set Docker 1.12+ to NOT interfere with IPTABLES/FirewallD

For some reason the powers that be at Docker have decided that with version 1.12 (or perhaps earlier, I don't track how lax I get between versions), the approach of using a SystemD override file for IPTABLES no longer works. At least, that is true if like me you had DOCKER_OPTS="--iptables=false" in /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/noiptables.conf. Instead you now have to use [Read More]

Fix for BTRFS: open_ctree failed when running root FS on RAID 1 or RAID10 - Arch Linux

This bug is a known issue in Arch Linux, see here There are also bug reports and discussion filed here and here The Problem The bug appears to reside in systemd or mkinitcpio, as the ArchWiki suggests. Whichever process is responsible for disk discovery and identity allocation seems to get itself in a twist with BTRFS on multi-device volumes. Things were fine for me on RAID 1 before I upgraded [Read More]

How to Fix Chromium/Google Chrome Black Screen in VirtualBox

The bug is in VirtualBox's Guest Additions, which probably badly translates 3D controls from applications like Chromium and delivers the weird black flickering garbage. The solution is to simply replace the version of VirtualBox Guest Additions you're using. I found that VBoxGuestAdditions_5.0.10.iso worked fine. Insert the disk into the OS via VirtualBox and do the normal sudo ./ This will remove the existing broken version [Read More]

Fix for audio sync issues on VLC for Android (May 2016)

Using VLC on Android to watch videos and you get audio sync issues? I knew the files were fine, but every time I started a video on my tablet and scrolled forward or back, the time would be offset by around a second. Many times the sound was off as soon as I played the video 'from cold'. After some experimentation I found you have to go into VLC-Settings>Hardware [Read More]

Fixing Natural Scrolling in Arch Linux

Due to my habit of switching between desktop environments semi regularly, including GNOME-based ones, multiple configuration files exist in my ~/.config/ governing the same things. In this case, my mouse scrolling. I was never able to figure out which files were conflicting with each other, but this answer on AskUbuntu worked for me first time, system-wide. [Read More]

Apache2 restarting 'without reason' on Kolab 3.3

Every night Apache2 would restart without warning on my Debian-based Kolab email server. I never figured out the cause, but moving to SystemD from Init solved it. So follow the official guide at: [Read More]