How to Fix Broken Websites Protected by CloudFlare

Recently I've come across several websites which have (for some non-obvious reason...) decided to stand Cloudflare's protection services in front of their own website. Maybe for DDoS protection, maybe to filter down requests or raise security somehow, doesn't really matter. The website loads in little pieces with huge gaps in which content usually sits.

The problem is if like me you're often browsing through a VPN or other obfuscation, Cloudflare can sometimes decide that you are a risky browser and therefore the site content will be filtered. BUT...

Some websites have a main splash page which itself isn't protected, but the sub-component sites which make up that larger page are protected. Since no single site is being accessed, no single Cloudflare validation page can be loaded to ask you to help Self-Driving cars learn what road-signs look like. The result is a screwed up mess which doesn't work properly or look right, but there is no obvious indication why.

The solution is to right click somewhere on the page and 'View Source', then try to find an embedded image URL and open it up (you may then have to leave 'View Source' mode to actually see it). When you try to view the image, the Cloudflare service standing in front of that one image server is able to present you with a capture page and ask you which pictures have Buses in them. Once you get that right, then you can reload the original multi-part page and everything should work fine, as Cloudflare cached some identifier or they pop a cookie key of some form in your cookie store. Not sure which!

This 'allowance' times out every half an hour or so and you have to do all this again unfortunately. You quickly get in the flow of things thought, and it isn't too bad.