Fix for Audio Stuttering in VLC when using EasyEffects and PulseAudio - Streaming audio or video


  • Playing any audio from a remote source such as a file server causes stuttering and jumping, unless rewinding a few seconds and letting VLC 'catch up'.
  • Same applies to films, opened either locally or also from a remote source.
  • Other audio players like Audacious or Clementine work just fine.

If using VLC with a combination of PulseAudio (default these days), and the EasyEffects tool for manipulating audio waveforms (for specific headphone impulses a'la obsessive audiophile)...

...Check that your default audio output in your Desktop Environment is using the EasyEffects Sink and NOT your conventional or default output. The default output will 'work', but you'll have this jittering, jumping and stuttering issue.

When changed, make all your sound changes in EasyEffects in the future, this includes Volume, Impulses (for adjustments to specific headphones), and whichever system output you'd like to use, such as HDMI if watching a film on an external TV.

The end to end logical flow is: VLC -> Desktop Audio Selection (e.g. KDE) (taskbar) -> EasyEffects -> System Output.

An example here is my taskbar and sound settings after setting the correct output - the EasyEffects Sink.