Pebble Time opens port 9000/tcp6 on Android Devices

Did a port scan the other day and was surprised to find my phone was listening for connections on the LAN. Port 9000 on tcp6, which Nmap decided to call CSListener. Nmap scan report for Host is up (0.0072s latency). Not shown: 999 closed ports PORT STATE SERVICE 9000/tcp open cslistener MAC Address: C0:EE:BE:EF:BQ:15 (OnePlus Tech (Shenzhen)) Googling didn't [Read More]

Docker, Arch Linux, and User Namespaces

I recently tried to run Jess Frazelle's Chrome Docker image, she explains how to do that here. Whilst there is a little bit of understanding needed with what's going on (such as passing X11 through from the host to the container), it's pretty simple. However, Chrome seemed to break for me every time. At first I couldn't work it out, but help in this Issue Thread showed that the lack [Read More]

Using UFW on Fedora

When switching to Fedora I was disappointed to find that there was no support for using Uncomplicated Firewall, something I enjoyed on Arch Linux. Although it is not in the Fedora repos, it can still be installed and used. Download the UFW source code from Launchpad Unpack and install the source code. Do this with the traditional 'Untar, Configure, Make'. If you are unfamiliar with compiling software from scratch, the [Read More]

Solution: KDE 5 Plasma - Massive Fonts after upgrade

After running a full system upgrade on Arch Linux, all of my desktop environments save MATE were using a massive font size. This made all the windows balloon up as if I were running with 640×800. Part of the upgrade must have damaged/corrupted/replaced a global font config file (if any such thing exists). The solution to get back to the normal font DPI (96 for me). Is [Read More]

VirtualBox - 'VERR_CFGM_NODE_EXISTS' Solution - After Export and Import - OVF 2.0

A new node couldn’t be inserted because one with the same name exists. (VERR_CFGM_NODE_EXISTS). Found an understated bug online with exporting and importing Virtual Machines in VirtualBox, using the OVF 2.0 format. Even though the error code has ‘NS’ in the title, which to me implies NameServer and therefore suggested a networking fault, the issue is actually in the USB Controller for the Virtual Machine. [Read More]

Answer to Chromium's "Unable to Load Font File!" Error in Video

I found that when using Chromium to play Video it would occasionally display the titled error message inside the video viewbox of pages like YouTube and Vimeo. The video won’t play at all. Turns out this is caused by the system not having enough memory left (had too much going on). Kill some applications to retrieve ~100MB of RAM and reload the page. Then everything works fine. [Read More]

ZipWorld in Wales

The video below is the automated one provided by ZipWorld. Still fun to watch even if it is short and painfully low quality… [Read More]

Squeaking palm-rest on T410/T420/T430? Easy fix.

I’ve had annoying palm-rest squeaking on all the Thinkpads I’ve owned, usually when I rest my hands on the rests to begin typing. The creaking would continue as I increased and decreased pressure on the palm-rest whilst typing. I only recently took my T430 apart to figure out how to stop the creaking. For me, the noise was coming from the right-hand palm-rest, directly next to the fingerprint [Read More]

OwnCloud - Upload failed. Could not find uploaded file.

The precise error Owncloud would give at the top of the screen when I tried to upload a file was: Upload failed. Could not find uploaded file.I spent ages trying to fix this with nothing online to help (which is why I’m writing this now for other’s, in case others are as ignorant as I am).Go into /etc/php/php.ini and ensure that *upload_tmp_ [Read More]

Gnome Startup Crash when coming from KDE

Had some problems with Gnome failing to start and crashing with the weird sad face image and ‘Oh no, something has gone wrong’ error. If you check the error journal with ‘journalctl | grep gnome’ you may see some errors relating to PolKit. This can be checked against specifically with ‘journalctl | grep polkit’. If PolKit is throwing errors, installing polkit-gnome again. This seemed to repair paths, dependencies or whatever and after [Read More]