Docker, Arch Linux, and User Namespaces

I recently tried to run Jess Frazelle's Chrome Docker image, she explains how to do that here. Whilst there is a little bit of understanding needed with what's going on (such as passing X11 through from the host to the container), it's pretty simple. However, Chrome seemed to break for me every time. At first I couldn't work it out, but help in this Issue Thread showed that the lack [Read More]

Using UFW on Fedora

When switching to Fedora I was disappointed to find that there was no support for using Uncomplicated Firewall, something I enjoyed on Arch Linux. Although it is not in the Fedora repos, it can still be installed and used. Download the UFW source code from Launchpad Unpack and install the source code. Do this with the traditional 'Untar, Configure, Make'. If you are unfamiliar with compiling software from scratch, the [Read More]

Checking Ink Levels on Epson Printers in Arch and Ubuntu

Relevant to 2013 onwards involving udev and checking ink levels on older printers. The standard GutenPrint libraries and drivers used by CUPS for printing can talk to Epson Printers well enough so that general printing can take place, test pages, change of print quality etc. However there is no decent means for returning current Ink levels. There are two programs that allow you to do this – ‘ink’ and ‘escputil’. These [Read More]

Application Menu error in Ubuntu's LuckyBackup package causes various problems

The luckybackup program is a good rsync GUI for conducting backups if you are not comfortable or familiar with using rsync within the terminal. However, I noticed that it uses incorrect permissions when installed in Ubuntu. When installed using… <br></br> sudo apt-get install luckybackup<br></br> The package comes with a shortcut in Applications>System>luckyBackup (Super User). This means that [Read More]